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Established as one of Brazil's globally recognized urban planning and architect firms, DeFournier & Associados boasts a significant international presence with a portfolio in South America and Europe.


De Fournier & Associados was founded in 1986 by Swiss-born Henri Michel de Fournier. Michel de Fournier graduated in architecture from the Ecole Polytechnique de l'University de Lausanne and has a post-graduate degree in Urban Planning from the University of Athens (Doxiades). He developed several hospitality projects in Brazil and worldwide. In Mexico, he participated in the group responsible for drafting the master plan and land modelling of Cancun. He has worked on numerous projects in the hospitality sector including resorts, hotels and condominiums.


De Fournier & Associados has offices in Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro and has been engaged on projects in over 10 countries. In Brazil, it has been responsible for the 340 room Sofitel Hotel in Guaruja and the planned Santos Dumont Airport in Rio De Janeiro. Overseas projects include the design and development of Pier 57 in New York, a 55,000 m2 luxury pier located on the waterfront of the Hudson River.


Carolina Gebrin Cezar is the architect coordinator responsible for Rio Hills. She graduated in architecture and urbanism in Brazil and has a post-graduate degree in architectural technology from Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland. After 5 years of outstanding learning experience in New York, Carolina returned to Brazil and joined the team of De Fournier & Associates.

PROJECT PARTNERS - Environmental Consultant

Paulo Schiavo Jnr is a highly experienced environmentalist with over 30 years experience in the sector.


Mr. Schiavo was recently appointed Director of Protected Areas and Biodiversity at INEA for the State of Rio De Janeiro. Prior to this appoitment, he was engaged by Enseada das Flores as Environmental Consultant for Rio Hills providing:


. Environmental advice on all aspects of the Riohills development

. Liaison with the Environmental Agency ('Instituto Estadual do Ambiente' or 'INEA')

. Landscaping consultancy services


Mr Schiavo previously held the following positions:


• Head of Division of Forest Economics, Director of Nature Conservation and Vice-President of the State Forests Institute of Rio de Janeiro;

• Municipal Secretary of Environment of Cachoeiras de Macacu;

• Afforestation Manager, Advisor to the Executive Board and Advisor to the President of the Foundation of Parks and Gardens of Rio de Janeiro.


In the private sector he was responsible for the development and execution of reforestation projects for energy purposes, equity valuations of forestry assets and liabilities, reclamation projects, landscaping projects and landscaping and execution of sorts facilities including soccer stadiums, golf and equestrian facilities for the 2007 Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro.

PROJECT PARTNERS - Project & Construction Consultant

Olymbios Papadopoulos BSc, FRICS, MAPM (CPM), has been engaged by Enseada as a Project/Construction Consultant on Rio Hills. He works closely with the Enseada in-house team providing expert advice on construction and other aspects of the Rio Hills development.


Olymbios qualified in the UK as a certified project manager / chartered quantity surveyor. He has over 35 years experience in the sector having worked on project / construction management on Commercial, Industrial, Infrastructure, Telecommunications, Mining, Railway, Retail, Housing, Hotel and Resort Development projects.


He has been directly involved in projects in Belgium, Brazil, Cyprus, France, Greece, the Middle East, Portugal and Spain. He is fluent in Portuguese, Greek and English.



We would like to acknowledge the assistance and outstanding support provided by DHBC Advogados, who are responsible for all legal undertakings of the Rio Hills Country and Lake Resort. Highly respected in Brazil, DHBC  can be regarded as a new reference in terms of specialized legal services in Brazil.


With a highly customized service profile, the firm provides individual and corporate clients an original and effective service with national and international experience. As the economic development in Brazil gains momentum and business opportunities grow, DHBC are a natural choice for any investor looking at Brazil.


PROJECT PARTNERS - Property Management

The Rio Hills Property Management team offers a comprehensive range of property management services: marketing of properties for sale or rent, rental contracts, accounting and tax, maintenance, repairs and transfer of funds to investors.


The key determining factors in the success of "buy to let" property investments are the achievement of high gross rental income whilst minimising void periods and effectively managing costs. Rio Hills properties will be marketed globally though some of the largest travel companies, agents and tour operators. The resort is located in one of the world’s fastest growing tourism markets with high demand all year round. Additionally, there is high demand for high end properties from senior executives in the oil sector and related industries.


The Rio Hills team will ensure that your property purchase in Rio Hills is well placed to generate considerable and consistent rental income, producing a high yield year on year.


Enseada das Flores has established a network of high quality, well established and experienced independent sales agents that sell real estate directly to investors. The Enseada team prides itself in forming a strong and trusting partnership with its agents providing them and their clients with the highest level of support .


Enseada is committed to continue investing in the Rio Hills brand driving demand for the project both with overseas investors and residents of Rio De Janeiro.


Whilst we do not sell directly ourselves, we are always on hand offering the highest level of account management, training and marketing support to our agents.


We are also committed to investing in the Rio Hills Lake and Country Resort brand, creating trust with potential investors and generating interest in our proposition, so that our agents have the best possible opportunity to convert enquiries into sales.

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