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Enseada das Flores

Careers and Sustainability







Rio Hills is being developed by Residencial Enseada das Flores Incorporacões Imobiliárias Ltda (‘Enseada'), a Brazilian real estate developer backed by international investors. Enseada is a Brazilian company and is regulated by Brazilian laws and regulations. Enseada aims to identify and develop residential, hotel, hospitality and other lifestyle properties and is on the lookout for opportunities in Brazil. The Enseada das Flores team places a huge emphasis on high end lifestyle developments with a strong focus on properties which offer significant potential returns for investors. The ownership rests with investors with expertise in real estate development, banking and emerging markets including Brazil. Enseada provides each investor or their appointed legal representative with comprehensive due diligence so that they are confident when acquiring real estate overseas. Developments are sold through a network of quality independent sales agents throughout the world.







The Enseada Das Flores sponsors have a proven track record in property development in emerging markets. They have successfully delivered numerous projects in the Gulf (Delta Construction) and in Cyprus (Ithaki Homes). For Rio Hills, they have assembled a team experienced in the development and construction of integrated hotel and residential resort projects.


De Fournier & Associados are leading architects in Brazil and their high profile projects include: Beach Park and Wellness Resort in Fortaleza, Le Monde in Nova Iguacu, Rio Marina Resort in Itacuruca, Hotel Viaverde in Sao Paulo, Bonnaire Home and Office Mall in Sao Paulo, Txai Resort and Residences in Paraty and the Sofitel in Guaruja. Overseas projects include Lejanias in Punta del Este, Uruguay, Benguela and Guki Ninhos in Angola, and Villa Tasca in Italy.







Our mission is to develop world-class resorts that deliver first-class investment returns for our clients. And we recognise that it's our people that will make this happen.


Therefore, we believe in offering full support and high levels of reward for achievers. That includes competitive salaries and an excellent bonus scheme, but also includes full training and support for all our staff. Enseada das Flores is committed to being an Equal Opportunities employer.







Rio Hills is a unique private community. It preserves the breath taking surroundings and maintains the sustainability of the natural landscape. Every aspect of the Development has been designed to protect the existing landscape so that its natural beauty, ambiance and character is maintained for the enjoyment of its residents.


It is our policy to be environmentally friendly in all that we do. All our activities strictly follow Brazil's strict environmental laws and regulations. We are passionate about providing employment opportunities for the local community and we first look locally when sourcing materials.


Rio Hills has a nature reserve and exotic bird watching facility, solar panels are used wherever possible.


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